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Our Policies

Our Policies

Dental Care

General dental care and routine check-ups are the responsibility of the patient. We recommend that you see your Dentist every 6 months throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment.

Treatment Co-Operation

Successful treatment is dependant on the following:

  • Keeping appointments as scheduled. Failure to attend appointments will interrupt and prolong treatment progress.
  • Care of appliances. Broken, lost or distorted appliances add to prolonged treatment time.
  • Patient co-operation with any instructions or requirements.
  • Oral hygiene must be maintained to a high level throughout treatment, with particular attention to consistency and thoroughness.

Lack of co-operation may lead to termination of treatment.


In order to keep on target with the estimated treatment time, it is essential that appointments are kept promptly. Some appointments will be of a short duration and if you arrive late, it can lead to not all the required work being completed or the need to totally reschedule the appointment. Should it be necessary to change an appointment time, please contact the office as soon as possible. Because appointments are scheduled several weeks in advance, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours cancellation notice.

Privacy Policy

Our practice has a Privacy Policy and can be viewed or downloaded via the link below:

Privacy Policy

Retention of the Finished Result

To obtain the greatest stability to a finished treatment, we have a commitment to retaining the result, using either bonded appliances (attached to the back of the teeth) and/or removable appliances. Initial placement and supervision of retainers is monitored for 15 months after completion of orthodontic treatment, after which a fee per visit will apply. Ongoing retention needs will be discussed with you at the appropriate time. A fee is charged for lost or broken retainers.


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Our Doctors

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