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Dangers In Orthodontics

Dangers In Orthodontics


The biggest danger in Orthodontics is misinformation. Now more than ever, access to information is in abundance, but this can be a double-edged sword. The internet can improve awareness, however but it is often filled with half-truths and misleading information.  

Well-meaning advice that is often in over-supply, can be baffling when this advice is found to be in contradiction to the advice of the experts. This is where a relatively straightforward decision can seem impossible. The field of Orthodontics is not immune to this and sadly, this situation is something that we encounter all too regularly.


Making an ill-informed decision and seeing the wrong person may result in a poor result, over-treatment and worst still, irreversible damage. This can be devastating for the parents and child. It is the responsibility of an Orthodontist to protect you from this type of outcome, so please ensure that you’re seeing one. 

See an Expert

An expert is exactly what an Orthodontist is – an expert in their field. This is only made possible by at least 8 years of full-time university training, followed by years of experience. On top of the 5 years at university to become a dentist, they spend another 5000 hours of full-time specialist training, in the field of orthodontics. This is why an Orthodontist knows their job inside out! Orthodontists strive to provide each child with the best outcome, in the shortest period of time – put simply, to provide treatment which is both effective and efficient.

To make your life easier, your specialist Orthodontist will facilitate constructive conversation to provide you with all of the answers. Every child is unique and their orthodontic needs carry their own complexities. As such, it is imperative that an expert assesses the child, before formulating and providing the treatment. You should feel confident that you’re in the right hands.

Be wary of opinions and please remember that opinions are not equal to the clinical experience and scientific knowledge of a true expert. Be vigilant and ask the right questions.



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